Samara 65x47x50cm
Ceramic and Glaze

I also call her the meditating sailor circus fairy.
She is a mix of many things. Constantly transforming, the essence of fusion, not to be placed in a single category. A hybrid similar to Frankenstein with her sewn on head.
Hand built form with underglaze pigments. Ancient Chinese characters.
The faces, the identities we associate with spirits. Many times we can remember a face but not a name. The features are impressed in our memory with the personality. I created masks of various sizes and glazed with ceramic glaze. The impression. The spirit can be exposed and hidden in the visage. The eyes are left blank intentionally.
Until Death do Us Part
This traditional wedding oath is a demonstration of the impermanence of life. Even the longest period of time we can fathom has an ending. In the end our bones all look similar, regardless of nationality, or ethnicity. A key point in my work that aims to draw similarities between different cultures.
Cosmic Egg
A symbol of regeneration and rebirth, painted with underglaze pigments with both symbols of life and death from a variety of cultures, from Mexican to Tibetan.
Mixed Media
Mermaid’s semi-humanoid nature were the inspiration for this piece. I have added many other transformations, such as a antelope antler, to make her a new breed of Mermaid-Unicorn. She holds a clock on her tail, the numbers all mixed and jumbled. Time like all things, is merely an illusion.
Giant Snail
Ceramic 70x45x65cm
The shell is a symbol of change and new life, just like the sacred geometry golden numbers that grow in a perfect ratio into infinity. The Chinese characters are all positive wishes and relative to “annica” the state of impermanence. The clouds are reference to the buddhist philosophy that during meditation our thoughts should be like clouds. We should observe them but never try to obtain them. In Daoist philosophy it is said that the weak overcomes the strong by its transforming and effervescent nature.
An example is given that when there are many clouds the mountains can disappear.
The Spider Queen
Mixed Media
In Hopi tradition a spider created the universe, spiders are very resourceful and creative creatures. I have bred her with a ram, the horns a symbol of life. She has broken clocks on her crown rather than gems. One who is free of the constraints of the material world is the real queen.

Published by stellajaeart

I am a traveling artist who spent 15 years in over 30 countries. I have recently settled in the mystical land of Egypt. I am a visual artist who works with pottery, painting, photography and jewelry design.

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