New Paintings

I first learned painting from my grandmother who is a very talented watercolor and overglaze painter. I then continued my study at KCAI. I left the brush many years then started to concentrate on painting in Lhasa where I studied Traditional Thangka painting with the master Dan Ba Rao Dan and his son Denzin Pengtso. I also studied at Tibet University under the instruction of internationally acclaimed artists Gade and Tsewang Tashi.

I blend traditional Asian styles with surrealism. I try to include elements of religion or philosophy in my work as well as numerology. I blend these more serious themes with fantasy and paranormal elements to produce unique pieces with deeper meanings.

Peace and power

oil on canvas 120x 70cm

Family portrait

Oil on panel 65x50cm

Gently down the stream

oil on canvas 120x70cm

The unborn king

Oil on canvas 75x55cm

The impossibility

Oil on canvas 120x70cm


Oil on canvas 75x55cm

THe Fox King

Oil on canvas 55x45cm

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Published by stellajaeart

I am a traveling artist who spent 15 years in over 30 countries. I have recently settled in the mystical land of Egypt. I am a visual artist who works with pottery, painting, photography and jewelry design.

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