Sacred Gems

Tigers Eye and Crystal

For protection, intuition, inspiration and clarity.

Tigers eye and Quartz crystal pendant

Hand crafted macrame with indian gemstones


Mongolian Acrobatics

A power collar, jasper, jade, agate, obsidian, and serpentine


Old Cairo

Red Agate and Vintage silver


Clear Communication

Chrysocolla and quartz crystal


Coral Cameo

Vintage cameo and Sri Lankan coral


Heart and Crown

Malachite to open the heart chakra and remove toxins from the body, amethysts to open the crown chakra connecting to a greater power


Time to elevate

Lapis lazuli, vintage watch and Sri Lankan coral. Lapis lazuli is beneficial for the crown and third eye chakras. Beneficial for meditation and connecting with the greater source of knowledge.


Steampunk labradorite

Labradorite to improve intuition a crystal to clear the path and a train car to inspire the journey.


Labradorite and quartz

Labradorite's luster brings out your should own shine. This piece gives you clarity and wisdom.


Fire opal and quartz

Fire opal is benicia for musicians and artists igniting your creative fire. Also beneficial for the reproductive organs for those trying to conceive.


Lapis scarab

Lapis scarab and ceramic pendant necklace. Lapis lazuli is beneficial for the crown and third eye chakra.


Love to the sea

Rose quartz for the heart chakra and a steam boat for the seas of possibility.


Garnet, malachite and quartz

Malachite opens the heart chakra and removes toxins from the body, quartz crystal removes negativity, and the garnet and 925 silver pendant enlivens and ignites your true possibility.


Published by stellajaeart

I am a traveling artist who spent 15 years in over 30 countries. I have recently settled in the mystical land of Egypt. I am a visual artist who works with pottery, painting, photography and jewelry design.

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