I mix vintage pieces with semi-precious stones and ceramic trinkets. An eclectic mix that is both aesthetic and therapeutic. All gemstones relate to different chakras and can be used for healing and to restore balance.

I hand select my gemstones and bring them from their source. I have traveled to the Amber mines in Simajovel, Mexico. The jade mountains in Guatemala, ruby mines on Vietnam, traded amber in Tengchong, China and visited the gemstone wonderland of Jaipur, India many times.

Years of experience has given me the knowledge to recognize quality gemstones. I have been working with stones since 2010.

Rose Quartz Steamboat with Garnet accents

Rose Quartz sailor

This piece takes you sailing to distant lands. The Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra so all can be experienced with loving compassion.


Malachite ring

Malachite magic

Malachite ignites change and new beginnings. It clears the heart chakra and removes emotional blockages. Malachite is known as the warrior stone and serves as a guardian of the heart.


Mongolian antler

Mongolian power ring

I frequently travel to Mongolia to practice shamanic rites. In Mongolia shamanic practitioners are encouraged to wear rings and bracelets of copper for protection. Antlers and horns are symbols of power.



Protection, and Connection.

Gemstones are the oldest form of Currency.

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