Ceramic Creation

Art Nouveau Occult Painted Vase

Crafted from Egyptian clay this curvy vase is an esoteric homage to the mystic power of the divine feminine.


Chinese elegance

Traditional Chinese designs and the DaodeJing


Aquatic Numerology

This painted vase dives deep into the mystery of numerology.


Which Planter

This painted planter coaxes the plants to grow magically


Transformations and other lucid dreams

This painted vase brings you across the threshold into a dream that you will never return from.


Art Nouveau egg

This painted egg is the seed of civilization


A flight to China

Daodejing poem and Chinese design. This piece takes you on a oneway flight to the Forbidden City.


Alchemical Goblets

These handcrafted goblet bathed in my secret recipe of glaze, give a toast to the divine.


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