Gemstones and Ceramic

Lapis Lazuli, Sri Lankan coral and vintage watch

Lapis lazuli concentrates on the third eye chakra and is beneficial for meditation. Lapis encourages honesty of the spirit.


Fire Opal inspiration

Mexican fire opal is a stone of creativity and is very useful for artists and magicians. It gives a spark to life. Igniting change, transformation and innovation. Brazilian quarts helps clear energy and maintain balance.


Lapis Lazuli and ceramic charm

Handmade ceramic pendant with a unique recipe of glaze. Lapis lazuli scarab gives peace and intuition to the wearer opening the third eye and the throat chakra.


Rebalance, Recharge, and Revive

Ammonite and Chinese seals

Ammonite initiates change and renewal. Helping us transition into fresh paths and opening gateways of passage.


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