The meditating sailor circus fairy

This piece is the embodiment of metamorphosis. She breaks every mold with authenticity and a beauty that is unique and unparalleled. The perfect blend of naughty and nice.

Chameleon Canopic Jar

This piece is a modified version of the four traditional pharaonic canopic jars used to house the viscera of the deceased. Namely, the lung, stomach, intestines, and liver. The heart was left in the body and thought to be needed in the afterlife.

Crocodile canopic Jar

I chose animals associated with death or transformation to be the tops of the jars. In ancient Egypt Amut was the devourer of souls if the parted’s soul was heavier than a feather this crocodile like creature would devour it and extinguish it for eternity. In Mali giant crocodile shaped vessels were used to store the bodies of the deceased.

Crow Canopic Jar

The crow is an international symbol of death as it feeds upon the flesh of the ill fated.

Owl Canopic Jar

In Native American belief owls could easily transform into shamans and vice versa. Because of it’s nocturnal lifestyle it is associated with darkness and mystery.

Parted Souls

This piece is an abstract allusion to the separation of soul and body after the breath ceases. The memory of a person is greatly attached to his visage. These souls are journeying into a land unknown.

Catch the Bird

Life is the bird that is intangible. We all wish to possess, to freeze this ever changing phenomenon of human life but it isn’t possible. The egg is symbolic of new life. The hand reaches from the egg to take it away.

Cosmic Egg

A mixture of cultures and themes are represented upon this egg shaped sculpture. Motifs from cultures ranging from Mexico to Tibet. I mix cultures together to stress the fact that the human condition is similar despite geographical and cultural differences.

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