The Ship

The ship Otis completed 2 circles around the world. She wasn’t a luxury yacht, Adrian bought her for 10,000$ in Guatemala. I was offered rides upon more luxurious ships, however, as usual, I gravitate toward things with character, not luster. We used a laptop for navigation and sometimes paper maps, both of which were incorrect at times. We had a depth meter that worked occasionally. Always, the most trusted on a ship is one’s own eyes. Someone must be always watching. We were two people, I and the German captain.

A few days after we departed New Zealand, we hit a hurricane. I was in the cabin cooking brussel sprouts on a swinging stovetop when the seas began to bounce. Adding the spices carefully I thought the waters would pacify. The boat began to thrust violently from starboard to port. Brussel sprouts flew about the cabin, miniature hot cabbage bombs. Littering the bed, attacking the walls, filling the bookshelf. I went outside to access the situation.

“Get back inside” he screamed as I emerged from the cockpit. He was wearing oilskins and his beard was dripping with saltwater, they call sailors “old salts” for a reason. After years at sea, the ocean has some sort of petrifying or curing effect. It enters the skin, the hair, and eyes. In his eyes was the vast turbulent sea, aquamarine sprinkled with danger and loneliness.

At that moment, a huge wave crashed, and water began to fill the cabin, the window was open over the laptop.

“Shut the damn window, Scheisse!” he said, followed by a stream of German obscenities.

I rushed in to shut the window as another wave hit. Water drenched the laptop, our only means of navigation. The window didn’t seal correctly, so even shut properly, water still streamed in. I moved the laptop and paper maps to the bed, the only place seemingly safe from the violent sea which had pushed our mast parallel with its turbulent surface. He pulled the sails and started the motor, an old Mercedes engine which was often reluctant to turn.

“Get a bucket and take the water out of the bilge!” He instructed me in a confident panic.

I began scooping the murky liquid from the bilge, a mixture of saltwater, boat scum, and diesel fuel. The motor leaked diesel, and the fumes were oftentimes unbearable. I didn’t dare complain now.

            One solar panel was stolen by the violent tide. Everything on deck was subjected to nautical theft. The swell was merciless, sweeping anything not bolted down deep into her belly. Moving anywhere on deck was extremely dangerous as the boat thrusted back and forth tossing us against the loose wire rail. He needed to go to the bow to drop the anchor nothing was automatic on this ship.  Normally, one would attach a safety rope around the waist to assure they wouldn’t be tossed to sea, but in the chaos of the moment, he went without one. The bow raised in the night fog. A grey mist enveloped with rain coming from every direction. It was difficult to see him from the cockpit. His presence was only a grumbling shadow. He stumbled from the bow to the cockpit trying to secure the ropes and sails as the waves pounded the ship.

            The dingy was still tied behind the boat and one of its ores was falling out of the rings. We didn’t have a spare. Most sailing boats possess a motorized dingy ours was an old aluminum micro-boat powered by two wooden, heavy ores. Sometimes, he would stand up and row and I felt like we were in Venice.

            He wasn’t always in a good mood, most of the time some grumpy mixture of discontent, boredom, and arrogance. He had a stormy character, thick German accent, fluent Spanish, and 15 years of stories which always mesmerized me and provoked me to try to overcome him with wild experience. I was only 24 at the time. He was 35 and had lived a circus life, fire spinning, was previously a yogi, and had already made one circumnavigation upon his ship. I was in awe of his curious nature and his stained teeth. My teeth were too perfect, the kind of teeth that only Americans have. Perfectly aligned with no spaces between, bleached white. He had a gold tooth that gleamed from the left side that he acquired in some South American country. He looked like a pirate. I was too clean-cut, I lacked experience.

Sacred Gems Fall Collection


Ammonite and Brazilian Quartz Pendant To foster change and ignite new beginnings.



Hand made ceramic pendant with underglaze painting of The Buddha. To protect and to guide you along the path.


Love Boat

Rose quartz attracts love into your life and opens the heart chakra. A vintage steamboat for all of the journeys to come


San Fransisco

Labradorite increases intuition and awareness, connecting you to the spiritual plane. A vintage cog and steel railcar for the train hopper inside of you. A Brazilian quartz to clear negativity and protect your energy field.



A tribal carved ceramic head with a chain of unique objects, Indian elephants, jasper, labradorite and a tiny skull. This piece is an offering to the ancestral spirits.


The traveling tiger

Tigers eye helps you have courage and clear insight. The gemstone is paired with Soviet and Egyptian coins and a vintage clock. To let go of the routine and experience the unknown.


Peruvian Power

Chrysocolla and Brazilian Quartz. Chrysocolla opens the throat Chaka and is beneficial for speech and communication. Brazilian quartz helps expel negative energies.



Labradorite and Brazilian Quartz. Labradorite helps to develop intuition and connect with the spiritual plane expanding consciousness. Brazilian quartz expels negative energies.



This Mexican Fire Opal pendant is beneficial for artists and musicians. It aids in the creative process and illuminates your inspiration. Brazilian quartz protects your energy field.



Red agate bracelet. The scarab carved agate connects to your root chakra fueling you with creative power. The scarab in ancient Egypt was the symbol of everlasting life.



This red agate bracelet ignites your creative forces, both artistic and vital. The scarab is a symbol of everlasting life in ancient Egypt.



Tibetan turquoise bracelet. Turquoise opens the throat Chakra improving speech and communication.


The Pharaoh

Lapis Lazuli and red agate cuff with Egyptian coin. Lapis lazuli works on both the crown and third eye chakras. Increasing perception and mental clarity. The red agate add to drive and will power. Allowing you to be motivated and focused.


The magician

Glow stone and antique glass with Brazilian Quartz. The green Cabochon glows in the dark. This Egyptian mineral is revered in northern Africa for magical powers. According to my research it is a natural mineral that has been treated with a phosphoresce.


African Tribal

Hand carved ceramic face pendant and lapis lazuli with agate accent beads. Lapis lazuli assists in mental functioning and assists in expanding consciousness.


Scarab cuff

Lapis lazuli cuff bracelet opens your mind to new possibilities and assists in concentration.



Ruby zoisite and Brazilian quartz pendant attracts love into your life and opens the heart chakra.


Coral and Cameo

Sri Lankan Coral and vintage Bakelite cameo. The reef wasn't disturbed in the collection of this coral.


The regeneration

Underglaze painted ceramic pendant. The snake is a symbol of revelation as it constant is in a process of transformation shedding its skin.


Spiral dream

Ammonite and Brazilian Quartz pendant helps you to start again. To turn the new chapter in your life and be reborn.



Lapis lazuli scarab opens your crown chakra to see the world in new light. The Brazilian quartz expels internal negativity and wards off external draining forces.



This lapis lazuli and ceramic pendant allows you to open your mind and spread your wings and fly.



Malachite opens the heart chakra, a vintage garnet 925 silver pendant opens your root chakra and the Brazilian quarts protects your energy field.


Vintage allure

Vintage silver charm with two red agate scarabs. Entice and allure with this cuff bracelet that opens the root chakra