As I travel I collect trinkets for my jewelry. I source gemstones from their origin and have worked with precious stones for 10 years.

Gemstones are one of the oldest forms of currency. Symbols of power and status used by cultures from the Aztecs to the Ancient Egyptians. Every gemstone has healing properties and different stones relate to different chakras.

In my pieces I incorporate coins from different countries. These are a statement to the capitalistic system, as all currencies are worth just what the public believes them to be worth. As Bitcoin and electronic currencies become popular, these invisible electronic currencies are merely belief systems of their value. As all currencies are.

My jewelry pieces possess ancient power, aesthetic appeal and are a statement to modern civilization.

Cuff. Agate, Lápiz Lazuli and Egyptian Coin
Cuff. Tiger’s Eye, coins and vintage clock
Cuff. Vintage silver, Agate
Cuff. Amethyst, Ruby Zoisite
Cuff. Vintage silver bat, Agate scarab
Cuff. Rose Quartz, Malachite, Ruby Zoisite, Vintage garnet
Pendant. Quartz Crystal, Malachite, Silver and Garnet
Pendant. Quartz Crystal and Tigers Eye
Pendant. Amethyst and Malachite
Pendant. Quartz Crystal and Mexican Fire Opal
Pendant, Sri Lankan Coral, Lapis Lazuli and vintage clock

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