I began my education of Photography in Miami Florida at Barry University. I continued my studies at KCAI using a reflex camera and developing my own film. I continued taking photographs as I traveled to Australia and New Zealand and through Micronesia while I traveled on a sailboat through Polynesia. When I reached China I bought a professional digital camera and continued taking photographs as I cycled around Yunnan province.

From 2010-2018 I took no pictures. Sometimes it’s easier to connect with people on a human level when you don’t have the barrier of a lens. I traveled to many traditional places where it is preferable to not carry objects of value. I stayed with local people and did not want to worry about my belongings. My main focus during these 8 years was to study medicine and religions I wanted my experience to be captured in the heart not digitally or on film.

In Lhasa I bought a Fujifilm x100f my passion for photography was revived. I was recommended this camera by a South Korean artist friend. It is small but still has great capability and excellent quality.

I recently have been photographing the streets of Cairo. Egypt is a land rich in history and flourishing with life. I prefer to live in traditional countries where the heart of the culture still beats strong.

Cairo is a gem glistening with soul and fragrant with spirit. I love meeting the local people as I photograph the street life.

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