I made several circles around the world over 15 years. My motivation was to find common threads between ancient cultures and civilizations.

I began to develop interest mysticism when I was living in Barcelona studying at IED. European Institute of Design.

I had an illness which made be seek the treatment of an acupuncturist. During the treatment session I felt asleep. During my dream I saw my body from above as if it wasn’t my own. This experience led me to enroll in Austrian College of Natural medicine and to move to Australia.

I devoted all of my time and energy to research and study of ancient Chinese Philosophy and Chinese Medical theory which unlike Western Medicine is greatly connected to nature and views the body as a whole and not merely parts of a machine.

During this time I also began studying religion and Buddhism philosophy.

I began practicing meditation and frequently went to the temple in Melbourne where I would listen to discourses given by a nun.

I had a teacher who influenced me greatly. He had spent 15 years traveling and was a professor at the university but had never graduated himself. He had learned medicine by apprenticeship. He encouraged me to do the same. I took his advice and the following year began to travel. I moved to New Zealand with the hope to find a sailboat boat which would take me to Indonesia. A country with a large population of Chinese inhabitants but with a language which was easier to learn. At this time I didn’t speak mandarin.

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