Whose America?

After returning to the United States after 15 years abroad I find the current state of affairs shocking and unsettling.

The belief that all people should speak only English because they are in America seems almost comical. The current borders of the country were drawn only a few hundred years ago. How does a large nation come to believe that the only acceptable form of communication is English? This is very limiting to a world perspective to speak merely one language.

Historically the geographic region which is now considered politically to be the United stated was a land rich in lingual and cultural diversity. Many native languages hold the secrets of their culture and of the land which they inhabited for 1000’s of years. In comparison to the relatively short occupation of the current residents of European descent the Native groups would hold a much more valid claim to the land.

America was not a mono-linguistic place with walls built upon the New Mexico and Arizona border. The cultures of the indigenous groups of northern Mexico and Southern Southwest United States were very similar and this border was an imposed segregation. The notion that the other side of the line is a distinct race is an idea that has been invented and exploited.

I meet many Mexican friends here in the United States that are hesitant to admit their origin because of the construction of the border wall. The ignorance presently prevalent in the United States that wants to construct a physical boundary between our brothers.

The current political region considered the United States was once a very small territory. Slowly the settlers acquired more land by vicious means. Homogenization of the land mass has resulted in a population which is generally insensitive to diversity. I believe it is very important to remember that this nation was not born with the constitution. It was a rich land full of people it was not discovered by Christopher Columbus empty and void of life. If this nation aims to be truly civilized it should recognize its heritage and stop portraying murders are heroic forefathers.

The education system promotes the colonization discovery theory by teaching very little about the actual history of the landmass and starting the first chapter of American history with European explorers.

The knowledge of 1000s or 10,000’s of years is embedded into the terminology used by native tongues. In the Cherokee language the uses for plants is implied in their names. This knowledge has been lost. This freedom has been lost. Freedom to heal ones self naturally.

The idea of the American border that is taught in school as indisputable factual information is just an imaginary boundary. Many countries today still have border disputes we should not consider those outside of a political crayon mark strangers, or even worse enemies.

The roots of human civilization are not drawn by lines but were a constant blending and migration. Most native cultures worldwide have similarities and the indigenous peoples of the world managed to live upon this plant for 10,000’s of years without causing the harm that has erupted since the industrial revolution.

Present day United States does not belong to the descendants of European settlers. On the surface there is much activism to equality and human rights but the most important movement is the thinking of individuals.

In Portland now there are many protests regarding the police brutality against African Americans. It is astonishing the treatment of other people merely because of skin tone. In reality the African Americans have been in this geographic region as long as the European settlers and most didn’t come by choice historically. How can it be considered ethical to force someone to relocate then oppress them. Most of their oppressors claim to be of Christian faith. Jesus himself was most likely dark skinned.

For the white race to believe they have more claim to the country than the other is absurd. If this land belongs to anyone it would be the native groups from which it was taken.

Presently, the genetics of America is a mixed pool. This can mean a greater diversity and richer heritage. However, the imposed monoculture strips the diversity and channels it into a capitalistic model where rich white is supreme.

The true change is possible when individuals do not consider themselves different from others.

When the population begins to think freely realizing that they too are visitors and all people have equal rights a change is possible.

When people dismantle the borders of their minds and deprogram themselves of societal conditioning that segregates and shuns those who are dissimilar physically or culturally.

I have heard about attacks on women wearing hijabs. The hatred bred by ignorance is dangerous to the world as a whole and is promoted by those in power to build nationalism and strengthen hierarchical systems.

Christianity and The Islamic faith we’re both born from the same land. Many figures in the The Holy Bible and the Holy Koran are common. Mount Sinai is a sacred place for Christians, Muslims and Jews. The vestment of a headscarf is not a custom unique to Islam, many Jewish women wear a scarf after marriage and to enter Catholic Churches in Russia and Georgia female visitors are also required to cover their head.

When society begins to realize the similarities across cultures and land masses the racial tensions will begin to relax. The change is individual. Although the media and education system are prone to emphasize differences and target different groups the human race can unite if every person opens his heart and mind to see himself the same as his neighbor.

This truth is fundamental in every religion. Anyone who truly practices any faith practices equality.

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